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Box Repairs

Get that unreliable or badly setup Android TV box back on track!

The last 12 months have seen many of you facing enormous Kodi Issues due to the general instability of Kodi Content generally.

Since Exodus and many others disappeared, most -if not all- un-updated boxes are misbehaving, with many people giving up on them or even not using them at all.

At ATG we can REPAIR your box, fix it in no time and give you a totally new, upgraded, current and FULLY CUSTOMISED BOX with apps that work! NOT THE ORIGINAL CHINA BUILD!

Being a very experienced Android retailer, and having successfully supplied a huge customer database with customised boxes, I know what does and doesn’t work, along with what is and is not worthwhile!

The unfortunate fact is that if you buy a box with a standard Factory Chinese build, only 30-40% of its features will work, and the configuration is extremely difficult to understand and navigate . Sad but true.

With the RIGHT Upgrades, you can get FAR more from your box and dramatically improve your viewing experience watching TV Shows Movies and Live Sports.

At ATG, we Make it simple, Make it work and Make you happy…¬†Easy!

Drop us an email and we will be in touch to discuss helping you with your issues.


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