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In a nutshell, any FREE AND LIVE Sport or TV Streams can be hit and miss! Sorry!

It is important to know that;

  • Free Live Streams will be in Standard Definition, not in High Definition.
  • Free Live Streams are subject to buffering at times, and more likely to buffer if the event is a “Mega Event” such as Grand Finals, World Cups etc.

To ensure guaranteed quality (Frequently HD Quality) Streaming of Live sports and TV Channels, along with the ability to rewind 51 channels up to seven days back, please check out or contact us about our S-IPTV package which is available in 1/3/6/12 month subscriptions.

Please contact us for a free 3 Day Trial code of Club TV to see what its like. No obligations at all! Check the Pricing Below..

We recommend a speed of 6 mbps or more to ensure you get the most from the
android box.

For this reason I have installed the Speedtest App on the homescreen or by visiting

If  you have any issues regarding buffering or speed in general, please run the Speedtest to either confirm or  eliminate Internet Speed as a cause. Basically, the faster the internet the faster the content can load on the box. 

If your Speedtest result is below 6 mbps, please do the following;

  1. REMOVE THE POWER CABLE (Don’t simply turn power off, actually DISCONNECT ALL power cables from both devices) from both your Android box AND your Modem/Router.
  2. Leave all power disconnected for 1 minute.
  3. Reconnect all cables and reboot boxes.
  4. Re-do the Speedtest to check results.
  5. Re-try either Terrarium/Showbox or YouTube to judge improvements.

IF Buffering persisits please consider the following;

  • Try a different link to the same program as the reason may be the source  of the file.
  • Try a different Appsuch as YouTube.
  • Try an Ethernet Cable if possible as the speed is the same at both ends. WiFi signal however deteriorates immediately and declines in strength over the journey from the Router to the Android Box,
  • Consider a WiFi Repeater (Available on this Website) or a Powerline Adaptor to deliver the internet through your electrical wiring.

Please note that a slow Internet Speed is Kryptonite to Android Streaming devices! Without sufficient Speed you will have a difficult and frustrating experience.

A lot of Aussies often wonder whether it’s safe and legal to use Kodi. Basically, you don’t want to be caught using illegal software on your PC, Mac, Amazon Fire TV,
Linux or Android device. Kodi itself is a legal & free open source software previously known as XBMC. It allows you to stream media and movies from your local storage
as well as from the internet.

It’s the unofficial addons, such as Exodus, Covenant, SportsDevil, Phoenix etc.where copyrighted content shares the platform with legally available content that problems can occur.

To protect your privacy as well as enabling access to content from countries usually unavailable to Australians due to Geo-Blocking, please read our VPN section and we strongly consider using a VPN to guarantee anonymity.